Configure Open API

Less than 1 minute

Q: What is the domain for openapi server? What is the port used for PushClient?

The domain is already integrated in OpenAPI SDK. If you are having any problem with connections, please contact us directly

Q: What is the user information required in the SDK?

  1. private_key: or the file path of the .PEM file

  2. tiger_id: developer id, assigned in the developer info page

  3. account id, fill in your account id or paper trading account id

There are two ways to configure you user information:

  1. Use the built in method
       from tigeropen.tiger_open_config import get_client_config
       client_config = get_client_config(private_key_path='your private key path',
              tiger_id='you tiger id', account='your account')
  1. Assign values directly to the TigerOpenClientConfig() class
       from tigeropen.tiger_open_config import TigerOpenClientConfig
       client_config = TigerOpenClientConfig()
       client_config.private_key = read_private_key('your private key path')
       client_config.tiger_id = 'your tiger id'
       client_config.account = 'your account'

Q: How to check SDK version?

The SDK version will be printed once during initialization. If you want to view it later, one is to print it at runtime client_config.sdk_version, The other is to view through package management software such as pip freeze | grep tigeropen

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