# No Additional Fee

There is no additional fees to trade with OpenAPI. The fee stucture is identical to that of our APP. Please refer to our official website for a detailed break down of our fee structure. However, a minimum of 2000 USD account balance is nessesary for getting acess to our API serice.

# Market Data Subscription

To get market data through OpenAPI, you will have to subscibe to API market data, even if you have an active market data subscription for your mobile or desktop APP. And as a result, you can get market data simutanously with both Open API and our mobile/desktop APP. It is also worth mentioning that market data obtained with Open API has a much lower latency, and a higher refresh rate.

# How to subscribe to API market data

For individuals:Go to Tiger Trade APP - Profile - Market Data Store - OpenAPI to subscribe/purchase market data permissions For institutions:Go to Tiger Brokers Institutional Account Center - Market Data to purchase

Currently available market data subscriptions are listed as follows:


Name Description Name appears in API
Nasdaq Basic L1 stock data from Nasdaq usQuoteBasic
Nasdaq Basic+TotalView Nasdaq Basic with orderbook data usStockQuoteLv2Totalview
HK L2 Depth Data Hongkong L2 depth quote, includes market depth quote. Automatically granted to users located in Mainland China hkStockQuoteLv2


Name Description Name appears in API
Option L1 Real-time Data U.S. stock options L1 real time quote usOptionQuote


Name Description Name appears in API
CME ALL Level 2 Includes market data from CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX CMEFuturesQuoteLv2 + CBOTFuturesQuoteLv2 + COMEXFuturesQuoteLv2 + NYMEXFuturesQuoteLv2
CME Level 2 CME,includes NASDAQ,S&P500, Forex futures CMEFuturesQuoteLv2
CBOT Level 2 CBOT,includes Dow Jones futures, agriculture and interest rate futures CBOTFuturesQuoteLv2
NYMEX Level 2 NYMEX,includes U.S. oil, natural gas and other energy products NYMEXFuturesQuoteLv2
COMEX Level 2 COMEX, includes gold, siver and other metal futures COMEXFuturesQuoteLv2
HKEX Level 2 L2 data for futures and options traded in HKEX HKEXFuturesQuoteLv2
SGX Level 2 Market Data for futures traded in Singapore Exchange SGXFuturesQuoteLv2
OSE Level 2 Market Data for futures traded in Osaka Exchange OSEFuturesQuoteLv2
CBOE Level 2 CBOE CBOEFuturesQuoteLv2