# Introduction

Tiger Open API platform provides interface services for both individual quant developers and institutional clients. To make the APIs easier to use, we developed this software development kit (SDK). The Open API SDK encapsulates the underlying interfaces that Tiger Brokers offers, providing a convenient way for our users to trade, monitor and manage their accounts in their self-designed trading programs, using programming languages of their choice(Java/Python/C++/C#). Currently, the Tiger Open API supports all types of accounts opened at Tiger Brokers, including global account, prime account and paper trade accounts.

# Primary Users

The Open API platform is desgined for quantitative investors with a basic understanding in quantitative trading strategies and a working knowledge of software development.

# Major Functions

  • Create orders, modify or cancel orders, and check the status of orders
  • Check account status, such as balances and current positions
  • Get market data, such as quotes for U.S. and HK stocks, or stock options, as well as other related market data
  • Get notification for changes of order status, positions, or market price of a specific stock, etc.

# Trade a Varity of Products in Global Markets

Products available for trade:

Market Products Standard Account Paper trading
U.S. Stocks, ETFs
Hongkong Stocks, ETFs
Singapore Stocks, ETFs

Note:The prime account allows placing orders outside regular trading hours. However, your paper trading account may have some additional restrictions when trading certain products after markets

Market Quote Available:

Market Types of Products Name of Quote Subscription
U.S. Stocks Nasdaq Basic(level1)
U.S. Stocks Nasdaq TotalView(Level2 Market Depth data)
U.S Options OPRA(Level1)
U.S Futures CME、CBOT etc
HongKong Stocks HKEX level2

Note 1: Trading on margin is only supported for certain stocks

Note 2:We recommend using Tiger Prime account,if you have a Gobal account and would like to use Open API, please contact us

# Open API now supports the following order types:

  • Open API now supports the following order types:
    • Market Order
    • Limit Order
    • Stop Order
    • Limit Stop Order
    • Trail Order
    • Algo Order
      • TWAP
      • VWAP

For a list of supported order type, please see FAQ - Trade - Supported Order Types

# Supported Account Types

  • Prime account: Support trading of U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks, A-Shares, options and futures. Margin and short selling function supports some stocks. Both Margin and Cash accounts are supported. Please refer to the FAQ section of this documentation, or contact our support team for a full list of tradable securities and corresponding trading hours
  • Paper trade account: We offer mocking trading of U.S. stocks, stock options, Hong Kong stocks and A-Shares
  • Global account: Please contact us for more information

# No Additional Charge

Users can use the Open API for free as long as they have an active Tiger account and Deposit. Open API is a free service, there are no additional fees for orders placed via the Open API. For more information, please see the Fee Structures (opens new window) page of Tiger Brokers' official website.

  • To get market via Open API, you must have an active API market data subscription. This subscription is independant from the market subscription for our APP and must be purchased separatly. Please see Appendix 3: Fees and Permissions for more information.